Oh Yea!... Bo Black is that HOT guys...take a deep breath, you can breath now!..Bo Black is a feature dancer here at 415strippers. You will only find here here!.. She is an awesome dancer, show stopper. In her hour she will dance for guests and present game time. Bo Black, has real nice sexy up to date costumes & Lingerie...She is a 10! So when you are looking to choose a real "Hot Blond" fro your friend that is having a party and is that "I LOVE BLONDE'S" only kinda guy, and you want that "Super Starr Blondie Look". Than you want our famous "Bo Black"!........P.S Don't forget you wallets at home for this girl!

Dancer available for all occasions.

All female dancers go fully NUDE for partys of MEN only. Partys where there are MEN and WOMEN mixed, may request the female dancer to go NUDE, TOPLESS or down to BIKINI only.
Ht: 5 ' 7

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